Academic Form

Academic Achievement Award Instructions

  1. Who makes up the team for award consideration?
    1. All team members in grades 10-12.
    2. Ninth grade students grades are not included in the team average.
    3. Managers are included as part of the team, if they are letter winners.
  2. Grading period for the academic awards:
    1. A principal or guidance counselor must submit and verify the team’s grade point average.
    2. This academic period will cover a full year of two semesters from the previous school year.
      1. The grade point average will only be included for the previous year (semester 1 and semester 2).
      2. The cumulative GPA is not included.
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  • Please enter a number from 0 to 4.
    For Academic Year 2020-2021. Please convert to a 4.0 scale.