Academic Award

Only teams competing at the State Competition will be eligible for the ISDTA Academic Awards. All applications must be received by October 1, and completed by a guidance counselor or principal.

If you think you have a team from this year that meets the requirements, please complete this application form using this year’s squad and last year’s grades. Academic Award recipients will be listed in the program at the Iowa State Dance/Drill Team Championships. The awards (plaques for the schools and individual certificates for the members) can be picked up at registration the day of competition. Complete this form and a copy of the information will be sent to your principal or counselor. This person will need to complete an additional form, it is your responsibility to follow up and make sure this form is completed.

Please only enter squad members who are 10th-12th grade, 9th graders will not be counted.

Please contact Lois Turnage ( or call 515-681-1681 with any questions.

This form is closed. All submissions were due on October 1st.