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Coach Instructions for the Permission and Liability Form

Coaches, the permission and liability form is required to be completed for every performer and done electronically. Below are the instructions to assist you in getting this form completed for all of your dancers (soloists, female, male and college).

1. Copy the link in the web browser and email the link to all of your parents.

a. Link:

2. Explain to your parents this is a required form for all dancers in order for them to compete at State Solo and Team Competitions.

3. Only one form needs to be completed per dancer. For example, a soloist does not need two forms completed as the release includes both competitions.

a. College coaches, dancers 18 years and older may sign for themselves.

4. Give your parents a deadline well before the actual deadline of November 9th.

  1. Parents complete the form and enter your (coach) email. You receive a copy/notification when they are completed.
    a. TIP: Keep track of the forms you receive; it is your responsibility to follow up on any incomplete forms!

6. Parents also receive a copy of the form for their records.

7. ISDTA receives a copy of the completed form and is basing the number of required forms of the registered number of soloists and team performers.

  1. If a parent does not receive a confirmation email after clicking ‘submit’ they did not correctly
    enter their email address. Share this link with your parents: