Solo Music Upload

Coaches, below are the required documents and information needed to complete this form. Collect this information before you start as you cannot save and return to complete.

  1. Only one form can be completed per school that includes all of your soloist music.
  2. Know the performance number for each soloist.
  3. Have all music files in either mp3 or wav format.
  4. Check each music file for playability, length and appropriateness.
  5. Music Files need to be uploaded and titled with the performance number, first and last name of the performer (example: S345 Andrea Dana)
  6. Be certain your email address is accurately entered to ensure you receive the confirmation email that your music has successfully been received.

*In the case you have an alternate added after you have completed this form or after the deadline, a special link will be provided to you by Andrea Dana, Executive Director.

If you do not follow the above steps, your music upload may be rejected. Please double check.

Click here to watch a video walkthrough