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Outstanding Alumni Nomination

Every year more than 5,000 students compete at the ISDTA State Dance/Drill Championships. Iowa Dance/Drill teams produce amazing alumni and we want to hear about them! Please nominate an outstanding alumnus and we’ll feature their story on ISDTA social media.

Content Guidelines:

  • The nominee must be a former student who competed or participated in an ISDTA State Championship event.
  • Tell us why this nominee should be featured!
  • Share a contact method for the nominee, how can we connect with them to follow up?
  • An outstanding alumnus can be featured for a variety of achievements:
    • Does he/she own her own business?
    • Coach on the college level?
    • Dance professionally?
    • Work for a non-profit?
  • All submissions will be reviewed for content guideline adherence.
  • Nominees will be contacted by the ISDTA social media team.