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Senior Scholarship

The Iowa State Dance/Drill Team Association and former Executive Director Kathy Enyart, will be awarding up to six $1,000 individual scholarships to eligible seniors. Applications must be completed by October 1st. Finalists will be notified mid-October via email and must complete a virtual interview Saturday, October 30th.

A completed application must include the following: an application form, GPA and/or Class Rank, 3 letters of recommendation (dance/color guard coach, teacher, and applicant’s choice), and responses to the essay questions. This application will contact your counselor to verify your GPA and/or Class Rank.

Application Criteria:

  • Up to six scholarships will be awarded for the purpose of education beyond the high school level.
  • Applications will be evaluated on demonstrated: Character, Dance Team/Color Guard experience, Academic Accomplishment, School Participation/Community Service, Essay Responses, Letters of Recommendation, and a Personal Interview.
  • GPA Minimum: 2.00 (current GPA at the time of application)
  • Applications may include additional information in a digital portfolio (power point or PDF) such as newspaper clippings, photographs, etc.

Application Questions:

  1. Summarize your high school activities and community service projects.
  2. What is the most rewarding experience you have gained from being a member of your school’s dance or color guard team?
  3. What are your future academic and career goals?
  4. The COVID-19 global pandemic changed much of life as we knew it. What life lessons have you learned as a result of COVID-19 and how has it led to you making a difference in the people and greater world around you?

We recommend you complete your application questions in a word or google doc, and paste them into the application form.